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Social Impact, Education and Government

The Social Impact, Education Government Career Community encompasses industries and roles that create individual, local, and global impact. Often misunderstood, nonprofit organizations range from small local organizations to billion-dollar global enterprises, employing professionals from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines. Similarly, education is a complex, interconnected industry that spans from classroom teachers to policymakers to those who drive new and innovative educational technologies. Those who seek to make an impact through government can explore roles that require a variety of backgrounds and abilities, at both local and national levels. 

Careers in Nonprofit, Education, and Government include, but are not limited to:

Possible Pathways Include
Social Work School Counseling Higher Education
Educational Policy English as a Second Language International Relations
Foreign Langauge Federal Government Law
Local Government Health and Human Services Philanthropic Development
Social Programs Arts and Culture Teaching

With more than 30,000 alumni, there’s always a Denisonian willing to offer advice or make connections. All you have to do is ask.  Our technology (powered by Protopia) uses AI to find the best experts to answer you. Ask your question about working in Nonprofit, Education, Government and related fields and get answers directly from alumni direct to your inbox!

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Featured Alumni and Friends of Denison

Welcome to our Featured Alumni and Friends of Denison page! Here, you'll discover inspiring stories of Denison University graduates and supporters who have gone on to make remarkable contributions in their fields. Explore their profiles to learn about their career journeys, accomplishments, and the impact they're making in the world. Whether you're seeking mentorship, career advice, or simply curious about the diverse paths Denison alumni have taken, this is your gateway to connect with a community of accomplished individuals who share your Denison pride.

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GDPR Compliance: Essential Training

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Excel: PivotTables in Depth

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The Future of Work: The Necessary Skills of Your Future Workforce

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Excel 2021 Essential Training (Office 2021/LTSC)

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Excel: Dashboards for Beginners

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Developing Organizational Awareness

Taught by Lindsey Pollak
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Influence versus Manipulation: The Ethics of Persuasion

Taught by Madecraft
Success in business depends on being able to get your viewpoint heard and your ideas taken seriously. So how do…

Visual Storytelling in PowerPoint

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Excel: Creating a Basic Dashboard

Taught by Curt Frye
In this course, instructor Curt Frye shows you how to summarize spreadsheet data effectively to support decision-making throughout your organization.…

Understanding and Supporting LGBTQ+ Employees

Taught by Rhodes Perry
Have you ever felt there was an aspect of yourself that you needed to hide at work? Have you ever…

Advice for Leaders during a Crisis

Taught by Madecraft
Moments of crisis change the way we work, live, and lead. The way you respond to uncertainty has a direct…

How to Use LinkedIn Learning (2016)

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
LinkedIn Learning bridges the gap between the career you want and the skills you need. We help the world’s professionals…

Excel Tips Weekly

Taught by Dennis Taylor
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