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Campus Employers & Supervisors

On-Campus Employment:  Supervisor Resources

Student supervisors play a critical role in creating an inclusive and positive environment for student employees.  Denison Student Employment periodically sends updates, resources, reminders, and invitations to workshops pertaining to the hiring, onboarding, and supervising of student employees. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please complete this form.

If you have any questions about Student Employment contact Nicole Saunier at
If you have any questions about Payroll and timesheets contact Christa Myers at

  • On-Campus Employment:  Forms and Important Documents

  • Professional Development

    • Set students up for Success
      All Denison students have free access to LinkedIn Learning and its more than 16,000 courses in multiple languages.  We have created a collection of videos “Success as a Student Employee” that all students can benefit from.  Consider allowing time for your student employees to utilize time during their workday (as possible and feasible) to participate in completion of these courses.  In addition, ask students about additional LinkedIn Learning courses that might be beneficial to success in their role.Set yourself up for success
      In addition, we have curated a collection of vidoes “Success as a Supervisor of Students” that all supervisors can benefit from! Working as a supervisor of students is an important job. Often times, you might be the first supervisor a student has had in a professional setting. It’s our job to help students understand how they can leverage the benefits of their on-campus experience to aid in their post-Denison plans. This collection of videos will help you succeed as a manager of students, whether you are new to managing students or have many years experience!In addition to LinkedIn Learning, one-on-one supervisor coaching is available. If you’d like assistance with creating job descriptions, developing meaningful work for your students, recruiting and selecting student employees, onboarding and training plans, navigating performance management conversations, or other student employment-related topics, reach out to Nicole Saunier at
  • Career Readiness and On-Campus Employment

    • Help Students become Career Ready
      The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) defines Career Readiness as “The attainment and demonstration of competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace.”  On-campus employment is an opportunity for students to grow and develop each competency area.   Review all eight career competencies here.  Consider focusing on at least one competency area where your student employee would like to grow and work to incorporate opportunities to develop that area.
    • Assessing Career Readiness
      The Focus2 is an assessment tool offered to students by the Knowlton Center for Career Exploration.  This tool includes the “Am I Career Ready” assessment that will help students identify the areas where they can focus on growth.  The tool will provide students with ideas in each competency area that will help students identify opportunities for growth.  Encourage your student employees to access this tool by creating (or logging in to) their Focus2 account.  When creating an account, please use ‘bigred’ as your access code.
    • Encourage Students to Utilize the Knowlton Center for Career Exploration
      Encourage your student employees to access the robust resources available to them as they prepare to launch into life after Denison.  Ask them if they have met with a Career Coach to discuss their career plans and encourage them to make an appointment if they have not.  Many times students need a nudge to start thinking about life after Denison but the earlier they start, the easier their journey will be.  In addition, this video is a great place to start to help students (and yourself!) understand the many tools and resources available through the Knowlton Center.
    • Denison GROW
      Denison GROW* (Guided Reflection on Work) uses brief, structured conversations between student employees and their supervisors to help students connect the skills and knowledge they are gaining in the classroom with the work they are doing, and vice versa. Denison GROW is focused on making student employment a “high-impact practice” and allows students to reflect on the work they are doing with how it will prepare them for a postgraduate career.

      Supervisors and student-employees should have intentional, reflective conversations with one another, providing students an opportunity to consider connections between their on-campus employment, career goals, and college experience.

      If you would like full training on how to implement GROW conversations with your student employees, please contact Nicole Saunier at for more information.

      *GROW is used with permission from the University of Iowa.


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