Take a moment and imagine your future self;  the version of you who has graduated from Denison and is beginning the next phase of your life.  How does it feel to think about this? Do you feel Excited?  Unsure? Stuck? Overwhelmed?  All of the above?  You are NOT alone. The Denison Journey Program is designed to help you think about your future with excitement, possibility, and promise and support you in breaking down the steps to get there into small, manageable pieces. The experience is split into four workshops that build upon one another to help you build clarity around what you might want to do with your career and give you the tools and resources you need should you decide to explore a different path in the future. It is highly recommended that all students complete the Journey Program by the end of your Sophomore year. We have several options for you to complete the Journey Program this Spring Semester. Please Register soon as spaces are limited!

Return early from Summer Break to participate in Journey on campus! By participating before the semester starts you will be in a great position to plan your year to maximize your time and plan for future internships!

Arrive to Campus: August 25
Program Dates: August 26-27

Participate in the Journey Program at beautiful at Mohican State Park Lodge. This off-campus retreat will give you two days of uninterrupted time to plan and prepare for your future.

Leave Campus: Evening of October 16
Program Dates: October 17-18

Return to Campus early from Winter Break to spend two days focused on yourself and your future. This is a great way to start the new year!

Arrive to Campus: January 15
Program Dates: January 16-17

Learn more about the Journey Program with Desiree Smith ’26 and Anna DeVuono ’25 on the DUing Cool Things Podcast!

Learn from Recent participants in this video!

“I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in prior to this program. I knew was I was interested in and what kind of lifestyle I wanted, but not a career. This helped me combine them all together into something I’ll love.” – Winter 24 participant

“The program allowed me to deeply explore my interests and options in a positive and supportive atmosphere.” – Winter 24 participant

“This program was extremely helpful and provided me with numerous skills and resources. I am confident it will help me find success. I am feeling a lot better going into this semester.” – Winter 24 participant

“This program got me thinking about my future and what it may hold in an engaging and exciting way.” – Winter 24 participant