The Internship Success Series is intended to help all students make the most of their Denison Internship Program, Summer 2024 Internship. This interactive session will prepare you to talk confidently about your summer 2024 internship in future interviews and networking conversations. You will leave confident that you can tell the story of the impact of your 2024 experience whenever and wherever asked! Build your Network During your Summer 2024 InternshipUpdate your Resume with your Summer 2024 InternshipInterview with Confidence – How to talk about your Summer 2024 Internship Please Note: Before registering, you should make informed choices and only register for events with alumni, employers, and coaches that you are truly interested in and that do not conflict with class, work, student organizations or other commitments. Late cancellations and no-shows reflect poorly on you as well as the university and may jeopardize the school’s relationship with employers and/or alumni. Your registration represents your commitment to arrive on time, prepared and professional.

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