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Excel: PivotTables in Depth (2021)

Many Excel users aren’t sure how to use PivotTables. In this course, Excel power user Curt Frye shows you how to navigate the complexity of PivotTables while taking advantage of their power. Curt explains how to build PivotTables from single or multiple data sources, pivot and configure a PivotTable, define a default PivotTable layout, and more. He demonstrates ways to summarize your data, add calculated fields, filter your results, and format your layout to make it more readable. Curt steps you through how to sort and filter PivotTable data, format your PivotTable and, and apply conditional formats. Plus, he goes over how to create PivotCharts to visualize your data, enhance PivotTables with macros, and use the Data Model feature to build PivotTables from related tables.

Note: This course was recorded in Microsoft 365. However, anyone using a recent standalone version of Excel (Excel 2021, 2019, or 2016) should be able to follow along with the course contents.

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