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Visual, Written and Performing Arts

The Visual, Written, and Performing Arts Career Community explores environments where individuals can imagine, innovate, and inspire a creative and artistic life.  Whether you are interested in becoming a performer, novelist, journalist, editor, designer, producer, filmmaker, or combining your creative skillset with another field, your innovative skills and experiences will allow you to build an exciting, often unconventional career path. This community will assist you with industry resources, career advice, networking opportunities, and workshops and events to help you explore career options in these areas, and launch into inspiring endeavors.

Careers in Visual, Written and Performing Arts include, but are not limited to:

Possible Pathways Include
Acting Animation Art History
Art Education Art Therapy Ceramic Arts
Composition Digital Arts Drama and Theatre
Dance Fashion Film and Tv
Graphic Design Interior Design Museum Curation
Novelist Screenwriting UI/UX Design

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Featured Articles

LinkedIn Learning Courses

Introduction to Graphic Design: Concepts

Taught by Tony Harmer
Graphic design is a complex art that involves many different skills and tools. In this course, instructor Tony Harmer covers…

User Experience (UX) for Non-Designers

Taught by Tom Green
User experience (UX) design is more than just pushing pixels and adding interactivity. It’s a people-centric practice that involves many…

Photoshop for Fashion Design: 2 Rendering Techniques

Taught by Robin Schneider
Harness the power of Adobe Photoshop to render professional-looking fashion and costume illustrations. In this course, the second installment in…

Practical Creativity for Everyone

Taught by Dave Birss
Join London-based creativity and innovation expert Dave Birss as he shares a practical approach to enhancing creative ability. Dave begins…

Photography Foundations: Black and White

Taught by Ben Long
In this Foundations of Photography, Ben Long shows photographers how to develop a black and white vocabulary and explains the…

HDR Photography: Shooting and Processing

Taught by Ben Long
In this course, photographer Ben Long describes the concepts and techniques behind high dynamic range (HDR) photography, a technique used…

Print Production: Embossing, Foil Stamping, and Die Cutting

Taught by Claudia McCue
Adding a die cut or emboss to your print job can make a striking visual impact; it’s a way of…

Design the Web: Layer Comps

Taught by Chris Converse
Discover how to use Adobe Photoshop layer comps to storyboard your interaction designs. Author Chris Converse shows how to create…

Audio Foundations: Delay and Modulation

Taught by Alex U. Case
In this installment of Foundations of Audio, author Alex U. Case explains the fundamentals of delay and modulation effects and…

Pro Tools: Mixing a Short Film

Taught by Scott Hirsch
In this course, explore a powerful round-trip workflow between Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools to quickly mix dialogue, sound…

Lighting with Flash: Capturing a Dancer in Motion

Taught by David Hobby
In this installment of the Lighting with Flash series, photographer and publisher David Hobby demonstrates using strobes to freeze…

The Creative Spark: Iyeoka, Recording Artist and Poet

Taught by Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo
Technology has revolutionized the way music is made, consumed, distributed, and popularized. Now new voices can be heard the world…

Creating a Short Film: 02 Writing

Taught by Chad Perkins
Creating a Short Film is a 13-part training series that shows the actual struggles and challenges filmmakers have to overcome…

Learning Craft Photography

Taught by Megan Andersen
The ever-increasing popularity of handmade crafts has spawned thousands of blogs, forums, events, websites, and digital tools. With so much…

Print Production: Prepress and Press Checks

Taught by Claudia McCue
A thorough prepress analysis and press check can mean the difference between a successful print job and a disappointing one.…

Design the Web: Sprite Sheets

Taught by Chris Converse
Many web animations and rollovers make use of sprite sheets to reduce the number of graphics a web experience requires,…

The Creative Spark: Between Two Worlds, The Hybrid Animation of Tiny Inventions

Taught by Max Porter
Two animators cross paths. They fall in love. And then they open an animation studio. Meet Ru Kuwahata and Max…

Sony Vegas Production Workflow

Taught by Steve Grisetti
Sony Vegas Pro bundles three programs, each of which serve a key purpose in the video production workflow. Vegas is…

Designing a Logo for a Band

Taught by Nigel French
A great band deserves a great logo. Think about The Grateful Dead’s dancing bears or The Rolling Stones’ “hot lips.”…

Premiere Pro Guru: Blending Mode Secrets

Taught by Richard Harrington
Get a detailed look at the secret sauce of filmmakers, motion graphics artists, and colorists: blend modes. In this course…

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