Considering Graduate School?

Before applying for further study, you need to carefully consider these important questions:
▶ What do I want to accomplish in my lifetime?
▶ What are my long and short-term professional goals?
▶ Is attending graduate school necessary for me to achieve these goals?
▶ Am I willing to invest the time and money to take on another academic program?
▶ Should I gain work experience before going to graduate school?
▶ Will more education help me move up the ranks at my company?
▶ Do I have the interest and ability to be successful in a graduate program?
▶ By going to graduate school, am I simply delaying my career decision-making?
▶ Why do I want to attain this specific degree and not something else?

Check out the many resources available on this page and then schedule an appointment with a Career Coach to further discuss your graduate school planning!

Grad School Application Organizer

Click the image below to access a customizable graduate school application organizer. Every student’s graduate/professional school search is different. This document exists to give you a starting place to organize your thoughts on potential programs.


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