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Academic and Knowlton Center Partnerships

The  Knowlton Center welcomes collaboration with faculty to support students in understanding how their academic experiences and choices align with major and career decisions. Together, we can help students understand how their unique Denison education prepares them for the workforce and provides flexibility in pursuing post-graduate options and employment opportunities. Here are a few examples of collaboration between us and some academic departments:

  • So you want to be a therapist panel, in collaboration with the Psychology Department
  • Articulating your major’s value workshop, in collaboration with Global Commerce
  • Virtual Alumni panel, in collaboration with International Studies
  • Senior Job Search Preparation workshop, in collaboration with International Studies

Launching Spring Semester 2024, the Knowlton Center’s new initiative, Knowlton Center Faculty Champions, celebrates faculty members instrumental in advancing student careers and collaborating with the Knowlton Center. Each month, a faculty member will be recognized for their exceptional mentorship and guidance in helping students achieve their professional goals and for their active partnership with the Career Center. This recognition highlights the integral role faculty play in seamlessly linking academic learning with career outcomes, enhancing the overall effectiveness of career development efforts at the institution. Click on each photo below to learn more about these amazing Career Champions.

February 2024: Dr. Andrea Lourie (Psychology)
March 2024: Dr. Nhu Truong (Politics and Public Affairs)
April 2024: Dr. Taku Suzuki (International Studies)


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