Career Exploration as a First-Gen Student

Monday was National First-Gen day. As a first-gen student and now as a career coach, I would like to recognize how that status may impact career exploration and the career preparation process. First, to all current first-gen students, congratulations on …

By Michele Doran
Michele Doran Senior Associate Director - Career Exploration
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What is Consulting?

Consulting is a very broad term. It benefits both the consultant and the client if both know the duties of an consultant.

The list below is all the things a consultant is supposed to do. Here is the link to …

By Alan Phung
Alan Phung Peer Career Fellow: Financial Services, Consulting and Business
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10 Jobs That Are Great for Sociology Majors (Plus Expert Advice on How to Land One)

Sociology is one of those majors with no set path after graduation, which can be scary as you’re planning to enter the workforce for the first time. The trade-off is that you’ll actually have a lot of flexibility in what …

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David’s Picks: Jobs & Internships Week of 11/08

Every week, David’s Picks bring you highlighted opportunities in the Marketing, Sales, & Communication Community.


Capgemini America Inc. – Communications Specialist
Sherwin-Williams – Sales Leadership Development Program
Epic – Sales Coordinator

Check out three entry-level opportunities with three great …

By David Snider
David Snider Associate Director - Marketing, Sales & Communications
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All you need to know about Accounting Internships!

Are you interested in an internship/job in Accounting, but are confused on where to start? This article from walks through everything you need to know while applying for an accounting internship/job. The article walk through topics like what you …

By Shivika Churiwalla
Shivika Churiwalla Peer Fellow: Financial Services, Consulting, & Business
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Alumni Spotlight: Julia Wynn ’14

Meet Julia Wynn, a Denison alum who has found her calling in government affairs. Julia graduated in 2014 with a double major in Communication and Sociology. During her time at Denison, she was also involved with dance team, Greek life, …

By Fiona Schultz
Fiona Schultz Peer Career Coach and Peer Fellow: Nonprofit, Education and Government Career Community
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First Generation Students: Hustle, Drive, and Determination

Your journey as a 1st Generation college student is a testament to your hustle, drive, and determination.  The obstacles you have faced and overcome not only provides you with an inspiring story to share with your potential employer, it communicates …

By Kati Bear
Kati Bear Program Manager Internships and Career Communities
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Sara’s Picks: Internship edition! Week of 11/8

Every week, Sara’s Picks bring you highlighted jobs, internships, and events that we want to draw extra attention to for students in the Healthcare and Clinical Research community. Check out this week’s spotlights below!


Leadership Training Maternal Child Health …

By Sara Stasko
Sara Stasko Senior Associate Director
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First-Gen Spotlight: Quintana Gest ’19!

Today is National First-Gen Day of Celebration and we will be spotlighting first-generation college student Denisonians all week! Quintana Gest graduated in 2019 with an Educational Studies major, and is now a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher with Uplift …

By Anneke Mason
Anneke Mason Senior Associate Director - Career Pathways
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7 Job Search Tips for First Generation College Students

Check out this blog post for advice from a first generation graduate on navigating the job search!


By Leslie Hoover
Leslie Hoover Career Coach
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