Internship Spotlight: Adonte Mays ’25

Give a warm welcome to Adonte Mays, a sophomore Computer Science major here at Denison University. During his first semester of his first year, Adonte had the opportunity to intern at Katch Entertainment Data, a data analytics company based in California. As a remote intern, Adonte had the opportunity to gather consumer insight on films and analyze films using genomic coding tools.

Throughout his time with Katch, Adonte admits that he initially struggled with time management as he had found it difficult to manage both his coursework and the tasks assigned to him by his internship. However, as time progressed, Adonte eventually was able to hone his time management skills, improve his communication skills, and strengthen his analytic skills.

Reflecting back on his time at Katch, Adonte truly recommends all Denisonians recognize the importance of punctuality and dedication in regards to internships. In addition, Adonte highly suggests students tap in to the resources on-campus, as he found his internship with Katch because of the Red Frame Lab.

Let this be a reminder to all Denisonians to utilize their on-campus resources such as the Knowlton Center for Career Exploration, the Red Frame Lab, academic departments, and more! You never know what connections you’ll gain, if you don’t build meaningful connections with your peers, faculty, administration, and staff here on the Hill!

If you would like to reach out to Adonte Mays about his internship with Katch, feel free to email him at You can also connect with him on LinkedIn here:

By Taylor Trimble
Taylor Trimble Peer Career Fellow: Social Impact, Education and Government