Marketing, Sales and Communications

Telling Your Story on the Web in 60 Seconds

Grabbing people’s attention on the internet is getting harder and harder. Simple text and static photos just don’t cut it in such a cluttered space. In this course, you learn how to use video, motion graphics, and 360-degree imagery to create eye-catching content. Rich Harrington takes you through a dozen step-by-step projects that feature dynamic media—from the deceptively simple slideshow to meme-worthy animated GIFs to attention-grabbing videos for TikTok—and require nothing more than a camera or smartphone and a subscription to Adobe CC and a few downloadable apps. Each project can be exported in a format that’s easy to share online and on social media. By the end of the course, you’ll have several options for building your next web project, whether it’s to demo a product, draw attention to a cause, or promote a brand online.

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