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Cold Calling: The First Seven Seconds

Studies have shown that first impressions are made within seven seconds of meeting someone new. This means that we need to project the best version of ourselves within those seven seconds if we want to start a strong and prosperous relationship with someone new. When cold calling, it’s even harder to project the best version of ourselves as our voice is our only available tool. The moment the prospect answers the phone, the seven-second timer begins and there is a make-or-break moment between you and the prospect, in which your pitch, tonality and approach must be perfect.

This can be a daunting prospect to inexperienced salespeople but it needn’t be. In this short course, Miles Croft explains clearly and concisely how to portray yourself perfectly within those first seven seconds and start the relationship on the best foot. He gives actionable do’s and don’ts to explain what to do as soon as the prospect answers your call.

This course was created by Miles Croft. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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