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Implementing Continuous Improvement: A Case Study

See continuous improvement at work. Find how the pioneering software development firm Menlo Innovations created a more productive, fulfilling workplace. In this course, Ron Pereira travels to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit the Menlo headquarters and meet founder Richard Sheridan. After reading Richard’s book, Joy, Inc., Ron wanted to find out how he changed the culture of Menlo Innovations by adding “the business value of joy“ to the workplace. Richard illustrates the company’s path from chaos to structure, which involved building in collaboration and transparency at every step in the process. He also explains how Menlo invests in culture by practicing high-tech anthropology. This case study is a perfect lesson in how thinking about people first can create a better product.

This course was created by Gemba Academy, a leading provider of lean and Six Sigma training. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

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