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Final Cut Pro X Guru: Advanced Trimming

Cutting a video means being able to trim your clips effectively in the timeline. This integral part of the editing process can make or break a production, determining how all of the captured video will play together as a whole. This course covers the tools in Final Cut Pro X that allow you to fine-tune your projects so you can become a trimming master.

Join Nick Harauz as he demonstrates advanced techniques for shortening clips, trimming video, and selecting ranges on clips. He shows you how to extend edits, deal with connected clips, compare cuts, use dynamic trimming, and more. Along the way, he includes shortcut commands, so you can expedite your workflow, driving all your editing from the keyboard. To ensure you’re ready to use his tips in the real-world, he wraps up the course by going through two examples, cutting dialogue and cutting documentary footage in the timeline.

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