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A Mix Engineer’s Glossary of Techniques

Mix engineers know what it’s like to put a lot of work into a mix, anticipate a review, and then receive feedback filled with descriptive notes from industry execs. Inside the remarks is an intent that needs to be deciphered so that the right adjustments can be made to achieve the intended sound. Likewise, industry execs—managers, agents, or interested parties—also want to make sure the comments conveyed to the mix engineer use the lingo commonly used across studios in industry. This course helps both: mix engineers can learn how to interpret the meaning of comments and then modify a mix accordingly, and executives can learn how to provide constructive notes using industry-standard terminology, resulting in simpatico communication that ultimately elevates the quality of music being mixed.

Join multiplatinum producer, engineer, and mixer Brian Malouf as he covers the many terms that musicians and non-musicians use to describe music. Brian explains the meaning behind the comments and also demonstrates techniques that can be applied to a mix in response to the notes. He covers lo-fi mix techniques, EQ techniques, changes to levels, adapting the ambience, making vibe and energy adjustments, working with compression options, and revising the placement location of elements in the sonic sphere.

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