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1 Person Crew Video Productions: 2 The Cinematic Look

Businesses of all sizes need better ways to offer their products and services to the world, and video is clearly the new language of brand communication. But you don’t need a full crew and expensive gear to create stellar video productions. In this course, the second installment in the 1 Person Crew Video Productions series, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Eduardo Angel shows you how to tackle video productions when you’re working solo. Using practical examples gleaned from his own experiences on set, Eduardo shows how to approach all stages of the production process—from pre-production to post—as well as how to add a cinematic look to your videos. Learn how to plan a multicamera production, increase production value through camera movement, and create cinematic lighting on a budget. Plus, get tips for adding great music and sound effects, saving time and money in post-production, and more.

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