Faculty Champion: Dr. Andrea Lourie

The Knowlton Center is proud to announce Dr. Andrea Lourie as our first Faculty Champion! Her dedication to guiding students towards their professional goals and her collaborative efforts with the Knowlton Center have truly set her apart as an ally of the career center.

Dr. Lourie holds a deep and personal interest in her students’ academic and career success. Her mentorship goes beyond the classroom, extending well past graduation. Andrea actively stays in touch with her former students, whether it’s grabbing coffee for a heart-to-heart conversation or connecting on social media platforms. This commitment ensures a continuous thread of career mentorship, emphasizing that her role as a mentor is not confined to a student’s time on The Hill but is an extended commitment to the success of her students.

Of her partnership with the Knowlton Center, Dr. Lourie had this to say:

“The Knowlton Center for Career Exploration has made it easy for me to integrate student career exploration into various classes and mentoring activities. As part of a recent collaboration, Knowlton Center staff provided a professional development session in our research lab. Each student reflected on their work during the semester and crafted language to demonstrate their learning on their résumé. The résumé entries improved and the students were more confident in describing their skills.  I feel very fortunate to have the creativity and energy of the Knowlton Center staff available as a resource on Denison’s campus.

A standout quality of Dr. Lourie is her role as a connector of people. Recognizing the importance of networking in today’s professional landscape, she goes above and beyond to link current students with alumni, career coaches, and other professionals who can offer valuable guidance and support. This enables students to build their own support network for their career.

Within the Psychology Department, Dr. Lourie’s leadership has been instrumental in fostering a culture of career planning and exploration. Under her guidance, two alumni panels have been created, each designed to inspire students to consider diverse career pathways. One panel focuses on exploring potential careers for Psychology majors, while the other is a collaboration with the Knowlton Center, delving into therapy careers. These panels, enriched with insights from accomplished alumni, provide students with a clearer idea of what a career in their chosen field looks like.

In addition to her impactful mentorship and leadership, Andrea seamlessly integrates career concepts into her research course material. This innovative approach allows students to see the practical application of their coursework to their professional lives. For example, this past Fall Dr. Lourie brought in a career coach to her research lab to guide students on articulating the value of their research projects on resumes. This initiative demonstrates Andrea’s commitment to preparing students for the real-world challenges they will face as they embark on their professional journeys.

Professor Andrea Lourie’s contributions to her students extend far beyond traditional teaching. Her mentorship, leadership, and innovative approach to integrating career concepts into the classroom demonstrate her commitment to her students’ holistic development. As a mentor and connector, Andrea is not just guiding students through their academic years; she is helping to shape their futures, one thoughtful connection at a time.

By Sam Rice
Sam Rice Marketing Coordinator