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Process Mining for Robotic Process Automation

Nearly every company wants to save time—and therefore, money—whenever possible. And automation is a key tool in the modern process improvement toolkit. However, while intelligent automation tools like robot process automation and artificial intelligence have transformed the way organizations work, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s important to figure out where automation would be most helpful, and where it might even be detrimental. In this course, Ian Barkin dives into process mining, a technique used to analyze and track processes, and shows you how to use it to answer questions of when, where, and how to apply automation processes—if at all. As Ian shows, you don’t need to be automating to gain value from process automation. In every business environment, there is huge worth in understanding what you do and how you do it before deciding on a plan to transform or innovate. If you want to see how process mining can help you evaluate your processes, join Ian in this course.

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