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Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Cert Prep: 3 Deploying and Implementing a Cloud Solution

If you need to learn how to deploy applications in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or if you’re preparing for the Google Associate Cloud Engineer exam, this series of courses from ITProTV can help you. This course, the third in the series, shows you how to deploy and implement a cloud solution. Start off by learning how to create VM instances with Compute Engine. Learn how to use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to launch VMs and find out about load balancing and autoscaling. Discover how to deploy and implement the Kubernetes Engine, then deploy an application to it. Explore ways to perform detailed monitoring and logging for your Kubernetes Engine apps, and learn how to deploy and implement data solutions, network resources, solutions from the Google Cloud Marketplace, and solutions that use the Deployment Manager.

Note: This course was created by ITProTV. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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