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Building Dynamic Websites using AWS Lambdas

While static websites are both easy on AWS and important for many businesses, some degree of interactivity is now an expected part of the web. Whether it’s a shopping cart, sign-up form, or just a bit of interaction that goes beyond a simple link or button click, you need to be able to make your websites dynamic. AWS Lambda helps developers of all stripes—even those with little knowledge of back-end development—revolutionize their projects by leveraging a serverless approach to dynamic websites.

In this course, instructor Brett McLaughlin shows you how to use AWS tools—plus the technology you already know, such as JavaScript and HTML—to build a complete dynamic serverless website. Learn how to write a Lambda function that takes in a request from a web server and returns an HTML response with some interaction; send an email from a Lambda function; convert a Lambda function to avoid cross-domain and security issues; and more.

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