Leverage Winter Break to Advance Your Career

The Knowlton Center and Denison Edge have a variety of activities and programs planned both in person and virtually.  There is something for everyone.  Check out all the options below and remember, 1:1 career coaching is available throughout the break.

Journey | Virtual | January 9-12 | 10 am-12:00 pm ET
Registration Deadline: January 5
You will spend time reflecting on what fulfills you, determine how to be successful, and craft a detailed plan for the rest of your time at Denison. You will be able to progress from being uncertain about potential career options to developing a career exploration plan and creating key materials to support your journey.

“The Journey Program helped me discover previously unthought-of potential career paths based on my interests and studies. It also allowed me to develop a professional roadmap for the remainder of my Denison career, enabling me to maximize my use of the resources Denison offers.” – Class of 2024 Participant

Senior Career Ready Boot Camp | January 11-13, 2023 | In-Person
Registration Deadline: December 11
Don’t worry; there won’t be any push-ups or sprints, but you will spend 3 days working hard to kick your future into shape. You’ll participate in workshops to set you up for success and spend structured time finding opportunities and preparing and sending out many applications…with a team of coaches right there to support and guide you along the way!

“I am very grateful for this experience! I feel excited and motivated about a new potential career path that I hadn’t really considered before. I feel less intimidated by the job search now because I have the tools and concrete advice I needed to get started.” – Class of 2021 Participant

Red Start It |Red Frame Lab| January 12-14, 2023 | In-Person
Registration Deadline: December 6
Red Start It is a 3-day in-person experience to acquire skills in starting a company and a great opportunity for you to experience some of the skills and habits of successful entrepreneurs. You’ll go through the start-up process with other students and coaches from both the Red Frame Lab and the Startup Bug out of Chicago. You will drive ideation, customer discovery, rapid prototyping, and pitching. You’ll gain experiences you could talk about in interviews & you’re going to have a lot of fun with peers. Red Start It is open to students of all majors, of all class years, and of all experience levels.

UX Design Workshop |On-Campus and Mid Ohio Food Collective| January 11-13, 2023 | In-Person
Registration Deadline: December 6
User eXperience (UX) Design is simply about creating a better experience.   If your thing involves people, there’s an opportunity to intentionally design a better experience for them.  UX Design is fun and a great way to reframe something you’re trying to make happen. Learn how to do it with the Red Frame Lab in our 3-day UX Design Workshop. By participating, you will develop new skills, learn how design thinking is important in problem-solving and gain valuable experience “learning by doing”. Your future interviewer is going to love this experience almost as much as you will!  

Denison Edge | Financial Planning for Beginners | January 9 |6- 8 pm ET | Virtual
If you want to take control and get comfortable with your finances, this workshop is a great first step. Learn how to make financial decisions by reflecting on your personal values and how they influence your financial outcomes. During this workshop, you will analyze the foundations of personal finance, evaluate the factors that impact your financial success and recognize the keys to obtaining financial success.

Denison Edge | Accelerator: Intro to Excel | Virtual | January 17-January 26
Excel is a foundational tool used by every company and many individuals for building contact lists, personal budgets, financial statements, data management, and revenue projections. During four sessions that take place over two weeks, you will learn sheets, data entry, cell formatting, formulas, advanced functions, graphs, pivot tables, and more.

Forage | Virtual | Anytime
Forage provides bite-sized 5-6 hour virtual work experience programs that give you a genuine career advantage with the world’s top companies.  Forage students are 71% more likely to land a job than the average applicant by completing a company’s virtual experience program. By investing just a few hours this winter break on an experience of your choice, you will build skills and vital experience to share on your resume and LinkedIn.

Apply for Denison Edge’s 2023 CX Innovation Lab
While the program isn’t happening this winter break, registration for it is! CX Innovation Lab (previously called “Summer Immersion”) applications are open now for summer 2023. This program at Denison Edge goes beyond the typical summer internship. It starts with a complex problem from a real client that you and your team will be challenged to solve. You’ll learn and consult directly with experienced business professionals who will help you fine-tune your leadership and creative thinking skills. You’ll then apply those skills as you network with mentors and pitch your solutions directly to clients. Spots are limited and priority applications close January 31, 2023.  Check out the 2022 recap video here

Save the Dates!

In addition to quality winter break programming, we have a great series of career-building events happening that you can get on your calendar! Stay tuned for more detail, but in the meantime, save the following dates!

Internship Success Week | January 24-27
Whether you’ve landed an internship or are seeking one, there will be great information and events available to support you during this “all things internships” week. Throughout the week, we will host events to help you find internships, tips, and tricks to ensure you succeed in your internship, advice from employers, and more. In addition, the Denison Internship Program (which includes access to stipend funding for summer experiences) will launch! Watch for more information to come.

Career Exploration Conference | February 3-4, 2023
Figuring out what direction you want to go after Denison can be confusing. The Career Exploration Conference allows you to learn about many different pathways directly from alumni. Throughout the conference, you will have the opportunity to hear about internships, summer experiences, and careers from over 25 alumni and your senior peers. Watch for more information to come about the fabulous alumni line-up.