Alumni Interview with Google Software Engineer, Youssef Bourouphael ‘22

Join TDS Peer Fellow Ethan Scott as he explores the journey of Youssef Bourouphael ’22, a Denison University graduate and current software engineer at Google. We aim to delve into a range of topics that will provide valuable insights for Denison students aspiring to careers in technology. The key areas of discussion will include:

  1. Journey to Google: We’ll start by discussing Youssef’s path to a career in software engineering, including his motivations and how his experiences at Denison University contributed to his professional journey. We’ll also cover his transition from college to Google, highlighting how his internships at Converse and Fidelity Investments played a role in his career development.
  2. Life at Google: Youssef will share his experiences working at one of the world’s leading tech companies. This will include insights into the working environment, culture, work-life balance at Google, and the challenges and rewards of his role. We’ll also discuss how he continues to learn and grow professionally in such a dynamic field.
  3. Advice for Tech Students at Denison: Focusing on actionable advice, Youssef will share his tips for securing internships and jobs in the tech industry, including strategies for job searching and the importance of networking. He’ll also discuss the technical and soft skills crucial for success in tech careers.
  4. Personal Growth and Reflection: Lastly, we’ll reflect on Youssef’s time at Denison and discuss any advice he might have for his younger self or current students. We’ll also look ahead at his future goals and aspirations within Google and the tech industry at large.