SOTC: Summer on the Cuyahoga

Summer on the Cuyahoga (SOTC) is all about exposing the best young talent to the abundance of professional opportunities in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, home to the Cuyahoga River. Denison University is 1 of 8 schools partnered with this unique summer internship program. The program brings together 50-70 students for an intensive summer immersion program designed to help interns explore the professional, civic & social offerings of the Cleveland area.

SOTC offers students:

  • Paid, Challenging Internships
  • Group Housing
  • Community Introductions
  • Alumni connections
  • City and Networking Events


Program Requirements
Internships with Summer on the Cuyahoga are available for rising first years*,  sophomores, juniors, seniors and
recent graduate students attending Case Western Reserve, Colgate, Cornell, Denison, Oberlin, Ohio
Wesleyan, Smith, and University of Chicago. *There are limitations on first year students eligible to
participate – See Application Process below.

SOTC is an immersive internship program. All participating student interns are required to:
• Reside in program-sponsored housing, without exception
• Participate in a minimum of 10 program-sponsored events or activities of your choosing in
addition to 5 mandatory base events for a total of 15 or more events and activities.
Pay a one-time $300 student fee (arrangements or payment plan may be available for extenuating
circumstances). Some schools or clubs may offer grants or assistance with this fee.
• Participate in the program for a minimum of 9 weeks inclusive of the opening and closing
reception event weeks – exceptions made for occasional long-weekend trips as agreed to by both
SOTC and employer – plan longer vacations for before or after the program dates

NOTE: If you are unable to comply with all of the above requirements then please do not apply for an
SOTC internship. This is a competitive application process with approximately 70-80 openings and it is
important that we have spots available for students fully willing to participate and that would genuinely
benefit from an SOTC internship and program experience here in Cleveland.

Additionally, once you have committed to the program, you are not able to rescind your acceptance.  Commitment, doing what you say you will do, builds your professional reputation, reflects good on Denison, and leaves the employer valuing the partnership with SOTC.  Rescinding your acceptance will impact your access to the Knowlton Center, Handshake, Alumni Networks, and Stipend Funding.

If you are in agreement with the requirements and want to explore the SOTC opportunities, CLICK HERE. SOTC positions will continue to be posted through Spring Semester.  Check back often.

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