Orange Barrel Media

Orange Barrel Media is a leader in unique outdoor media that adds to the character of urban places. Since our founding in 2004, we have pioneered a community-oriented model of outdoor media development, working with cities and property owners seeking to implement best-in-class programs. We are skilled at permitting, constructing, and managing large format digital and static displays, and have grown our business to include a smart city interactive kiosk platform, IKE, which is currently operating in cities nationwide.

Rather than adhering to the industry-standardized display sizes, OBM designs displays that are responsive to the surrounding architecture, striving to create a seamless, cohesive and integrated appearance. Key to our success has been our dedication to maintaining an artful balance between content, art and commercial messaging.

In the advertising community, OBM is widely recognized as the owner of the highest impact and most memorable advertising locations in the cities in which we operate, and our displays are consistently selected as the centerpiece of clients’ outdoor advertising campaigns.

OBM’s culture is defined by its people, and we employ a team of talented and passionate associates who work together to create value for our three main constituencies – cities, real estate owners, and advertisers – as we set a new paradigm in what we call Landmark Advertising.