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Learning Photoshop Automation

Have you ever wished for a faster way to perform routine tasks in Adobe Photoshop and Bridge? You can recover time for more creative work and speed up your Photoshop and Bridge workflows with automations, actions, and batch processing. Author Rich Harrington begins by explaining the Actions panel and how to use it to create and modify actions. He also shows you how to assign actions to function keys and save and share a set of actions. Next, Rich walks you through automating commands with batch-process tasks, such as cropping and straightening a catalog of images to predefined dimensions, batch renaming files, creating contact sheets, and combining multiple photos. Then he goes over using scripts to process multiple images, clean up a layered file, export multiple layers, combine layers with stack modes, and more. Master your workflow with these practical automations!

Note: This course was created by Richard Harrington. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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