Navigating the Job Market: A Peek into the Knowlton Center’s Senior Boot Camp

Ever found yourself pondering, “How am I going to get a job before graduation?” Trust me, I thought the same thing. That was before I found out about Knowlton Center’s Senior Boot Camp which ultimately got me ahead in this competitive job market.

In case you’re not in the loop, the Knowlton Center recently hosted a 3-day career-readiness boot camp from January 10-12, tailor-made for seniors gearing up for the job hunt. Whether you’re a seasoned career pro or haven’t even touched a resume, this boot camp’s got your back.

Day one kicked off with a resume writing workshop, a deep dive into LinkedIn and brand strategy, strategic job searching, and identifying your strengths in the market. Each workshop consisted of a lecture and Q&A opportunities. After the Q&A session, there was an opportunity for one-on-one support. I, for instance, got some expert advice on reformatting my resume and tailoring it to specific job descriptions.

Day two was a game-changer. We embarked on a field trip to the Denison Edge building and got advice on telling our story– ultimately answering that dreaded “tell me about yourself” question. Then, we received networking tips and tricks and even got to speak with alumni, recruiters, and family engagement. I used to loathe networking, but the tips I picked up were a game-changer. Discuss travel, and food, and ask for advice – a lifesaver for navigating those networking conversations.

The grand finale on day three was split into two blocks. The first block covered salary negotiations, application stations, and industry-specific Q&A sessions. I participated in the Salary negotiation lecture and Marketing, Sales, and Communication Q&A session. The day was all about personalized one-on-one support and acing those nerve-wracking interviews. It’s a tailored experience to meet you where you are in your career journey.

Would I suggest the Senior Boot Camp? Yes! Utilizing the skills and tips learned at the senior boot camp is your ticket to success. Being career-ready can be intimidating, and figuring it out on your own seems like an impossible challenge. The Senior Boot Camp is the beacon of hope, giving you something productive to do over the break and easing the stress around career preparation. Keep in mind that you are not alone. You have a wealth of resources and peers at your side on this trip. Embrace the challenge and position yourself for success!

By Jonathan Nhan
Jonathan Nhan Peer Career Fellow: Marketing, Sales and Communications