Internship Spotlight: Nhi Le

As a senior double majoring in Global Commerce and Communication, with an Organizational Studies certificate under my belt, I embarked on a transformative journey last summer. I spent ten weeks as an intern with Deloitte in their Global Employer Services team in Chicago. This blog post is a reflection on my experience, and I hope that my insights can prove valuable for those interested in pursuing opportunities at Deloitte.

My journey with Deloitte actually began in the summer of 2022 when I interned as a Risk Advisory Intern in the Deloitte office in Hanoi, Vietnam. While working alongside consultants from the US, I was inspired by their expertise and professionalism. This experience led me to set my sights on Deloitte’s US office. However, I quickly learned that Deloitte Vietnam and Deloitte US operate as distinct and independent entities, requiring a separate application process. It’s important to note that internships and entry-level positions at Deloitte cannot be referred.

As an international student, I realized the importance of targeting the specific company I wanted rather than solely relying on Handshake job postings. Handshake played a crucial role in filtering opportunities by job sponsorship, aiding in my search for the right fit. I cast a wide net, applying to multiple positions in hopes of improving my chances. While some advised against this approach, fearing it might convey desperation or a lack of genuine interest, I remained persistent. Seeking guidance from the Knowton Center coach on how to effectively search and apply for jobs was instrumental.

I submitted my application to Deloitte in early September, but I continued applying to other companies concurrently to maximize my opportunities. During those initial two months, I heard nothing from Deloitte, leading me to believe that my resume might not have made it past the initial screening. However, in early November, I received a game-changing email from Deloitte, inviting me to participate in a one-way interview. Two weeks later, I received an invitation for the final round of interviews. With one week’s notice, I prepared for my final interview, and just three hours after completing it, I received the life-changing call from the recruiter, offering me the internship.

Throughout my internship hunting journey, I learned valuable lessons. First and foremost, practice interviews as much as possible to hone your skills and boost confidence. Secondly, remain patient and resilient throughout the process. Rejections and silence can be disheartening, but perseverance often leads to rewarding opportunities.

My Deloitte internship experience taught me that determination and targeted effort can yield incredible results. Whether you’re an international student or a local applicant, my journey demonstrates that the path to success may be challenging, but it’s navigable with dedication and resilience. If you’re considering Deloitte, embrace the journey, and remember that each step brings valuable insights and growth.

By Nhi Le
Nhi Le Peer Career Fellow: Financial Services, Consulting and Business