This Knowlton Resource Got Me into Amazon

Amazon, TikTok, Google, and Microsoft are some of the top Fortune 500 companies everyone wants to enter. What if I told you that these companies are attainable and they are looking for Denisonians like you? During my junior year at Denison University, I was one of 2000 applicants who applied and interned at Amazon as a Public Relations intern. This was a huge turning point for me. At the time, I was still considering whether I should switch to a Communication major or stay as an Economics major. Ultimately, I decided on the former because of this internship and the potential of making Communication a career.

With that being said, how did I get into Amazon? How did I get into a Fortune 500 company without public relations experience? Am I a particular case among the other 2000+ applicants also applying to Amazon? While my experiences are unique, I would not have attained this opportunity without using Knowlton’s interview prep worksheet. This worksheet is highly effective because it follows Amazon’s interview preparation style. Amazon utilizes the STAR method to describe an experience during an interview. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Situation refers to the dilemma that you faced. Task refers to the job you were assigned to do. Action refers to the specific steps you took to solve the problem. Finally, results refer to the effects of those actions. The STAR method is very effective since it provides the interviewer a clear and concise answer. The fear of rambling on and going on tangents is less likely to happen when one uses the STAR method. As a result, I highly recommend it.

Similarly, Knowlton Center uses the START method for interviews. The START method has the same symbols as the STAR method, except there is an added T. I argue that this method is more effective compared to the STAR method because of it. The extra T stands for Tie back or Takeaway. This is essential in an interview because it lets you explain what you learned from the experience. The T in START gives employers a reason why that experience matters explicitly and how it relates to the job. I highly recommend using Knowlton’s interview worksheet for all students. It has boosted my confidence in interviews because I have prepared answers to general interview questions.

If you want to learn more about my experience interning at Amazon, I have a great YouTube video documenting my internship experience! Feel free to contact me with any questions; I would be happy to answer them!

Good luck internship hunting, and I hope you take advantage of Knowlton’s resources because they are a great help!

By Jonathan Nhan
Jonathan Nhan Peer Career Fellow: Marketing, Sales and Communications