April is Financial Literacy Month!

Check out this guest blog post from our friend in the Financial Wellness Office, Samantha Smith!  Remember, the Financial Wellness Office is always available for one-on-one financial coaching; these are private and confidential.

Financial Literacy Month is here! It is an opportunity to increase our own financial skills and knowledge

In our work with students and campus groups here are some of the biggest takeaways and tips:

  • Managing your money is a learned skill, not something you just ‘know’. It is okay to ask questions, a lot of questions.
  • Enroll a friend or coach in your money journey. Someone you can talk openly with

    is a gift and opportunity to mess up without being judged. Hint, schedule anytime with the Financial Wellness Office for a financial coaching appointment!

  • Create financial goals and review the goals on a regular basis. Review each semester or annually.  Thinking about studying abroad, spring break with friends, next year’s tuition?  Planning and preparation matter.
  • Always carry your student ID with you when out and about. Anytime you make a purchase, ask if they have a student discount; it doesn’t hurt to ask. Keep a list of the places that say “yes” and shop at those places.
  • Have a separate bank account for your bills –this way, even if you spent too much in one month on eating out, etc., you have already made sure that you have enough for bills!

The Financial Wellness Office has multiple events planned for April to help inform and educate students on a variety of personal finance topics. Check out event flyers and a calendar below. This is an incredible time as a young adult to start good money habits which will benefit you your entire life. We hope you can join us this month!  

Check out our Instagram page for tips all month long, @Denisonfinancialwellness
By Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith Financial Wellness Coordinator