Alumni Spotlight: Millie Ball ’21

Millie Ball graduated from Denison is 2021 with a degree in Anthropology and Sociology. Currently, she is working with AmeriCorps at City Year Greater Boston as a mentor and tutor for third graders. Millie’s goals in the classroom are to foster classwork comprehension while promoting social-emotional learning as well as attendance in order to ensure her students’ successes. She has found her experience with AmeriCorps hugely impactful, citing her time there as aiding her ability to problem-solve and develop critical thinking skills. Before entering this field, Millie advises interested parties to be prepared for long hours and challenging experiences. Nevertheless, she assures one that this line of work is rewarding and important for understanding educational equity.

Millie believes her background in Anthropology and Sociology as well as Political Science has helped prepare her not only for a career in teaching, but also with her long-term plans of attending law school. Millie describes how her time at Denison helped her fill out law school applications. She elaborates, stating that “through [her] undergraduate academics, [she] also learned how to think systematically. This framework allows [her] to see the impact of City Year’s mission and work, which has been critical to [her] success in [her] current role.”

Millie reminds current Denisonians that it is okay not to know exactly what career path to take. Despite having an early passion for law, Millie knew she needed time in between undergrad and law school to explore other passions and give back to her community. She highlights how her role at City Year opened her eyes to the realities of school-based service and why it is crucial for current and future generations to invest in service based need.

By Avery Young
Avery Young