Alumni Spotlight: Liz Monroe ’21

Liz Monroe graduated in 2021 with a degree in English and a minor in Communication. Right out of college, Liz pursued an interest in politics, working as a staff assistant for an Ohio Congressman at the U.S. House of Representatives. There, she assists constituents with administrative work, distributes and collects mail, attends to visitors, and addresses any overall concerns or tasks. Additionally, Liz supports press and legislative staff with projects when assistance is needed.

Liz credits her time with both Denison’s English and Communication Departments for helping her to assume her current position as a staff assistant. Liz argues that the “writing skills that [she] gained from both [her] major and minor at Denison have definitely contributed to [her] success in [her] current and past roles.” Liz continues, saying it is important to note that “you often learn a lot of necessary skills when you’re actually on the job.” Utilizing learned skills from both college and career experiences can prove to be very useful when exploring different paths post-grad.

When exploring your post-grad and career options, Liz advises that “networking is key!” Liz emphasizes the importance of utilizing your connections, whether that be within your community, former professors, mentors, friends or employers; the options are limitless. Never be too afraid to take chances, especially when it comes to something as important as a career. Oftentimes, you never know until you try.

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By Avery Young
Avery Young