Interviewing Tips

As a senior, I good bit of knowledge on how to interview. I interviewed with places like Amazon, Morningstar, and McMaster Carr. So, here I will tell you some tips you can follow to improve your interviewing skills

  1. Be yourself. It’s very easy to tell if you are putting up a fake persona. Usually, interviewers don’t like that because they want to hire a person they can work with. They learn nothing about you if you sound like a robot. The best way to approach this is to stay professional but never forget to treat the interview like a conversation.
  2. Follow the Interviewers’ Energy. If the interview wants to keep everything super professional, keep it that way when you talk. If you become to informal while they try to speak more formally, it will hurt you. The same thing goes the other way around.
  3. Be Excited: If you sound excited when answering questions, your interviewer will have to get excited. They will loosen up and start to like talking with you. That is when you know that you got the interview in the bag.
  4. Let them know how bad you want it: Telling the interviewer that you want the job is not enough. You have to show that you have researched their company and show that you are interested. At the end of the interview, a power move is to ask your interview how they think you did. This lets them know that you are human, and if said any strange answers, they will understand that you start will be to interviewing. In addition, it shows that you care.
  5. Call to Action: Let the interviewer know that you want the job and tell them that you would be honored to work for the company. This continues the momentum of the conversion and makes them remember you.
By Alan Phung
Alan Phung Peer Career Fellow: Financial Services, Consulting and Business