What is Consulting?

Consulting is a very broad term. It benefits both the consultant and the client if both know the duties of an consultant.

The list below is all the things a consultant is supposed to do. Here is the link to an article to learn more. https://hbr.org/1982/09/consulting-is-more-than-giving-advice

1. Providing information to a client.

2. Solving a client’s problems.

3. Making a diagnosis, which may necessitate redefinition of the problem.

4. Making recommendations based on the diagnosis.

5. Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions.

6. Building a consensus and commitment around corrective action.

7. Facilitating client learning—that is, teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future.

8. Permanently improving organizational effectiveness.



By Alan Phung
Alan Phung Peer Career Fellow: Financial Services, Consulting and Business