Student-Athlete Internship Spotlight

As one of the nation top academic and athletic liberal arts schools, Denison prides itself on the success of their student-athletes on and off the field. This past summer, numerous of Denison student-athletes took part in summer internships across the nation. Our first spotlight is on Braden Adamson, who interned in Chicago at Racom Business as a Business Account Development Representative. Braden is a senior at Denison, majoring in Global Commerce, and is a member of the Men’s Soccer program. We take time to ask Braden a few questions about his summer internship experience.

  • How was your overall experience during your summer internship?
    • I had a delightful experience while interning in Chicago this past summer. I was able to shadow top executives daily and was given the opportunity to experience what goes on behind the scenes of a company.
  • What were some key things you learned during your experience?
    • I developed a great work ethic that will support me in any career I choose to pursue. I learned all aspects of creating a business from the ground up as well as being able to sustain success.
  • Do you feel this internship offered a greater understanding for where you view yourself professionally, and after college?
    • Yes, while working and learning, many different things caught my attention that I found absorbing. I enjoyed the work I was doing, which has helped me slightly narrow down what I want to do after receiving my education.
  • How was the environment and culture of your company?
    • The culture of my company was extraordinarily welcoming and learning oriented. Every day I felt like I could communicate with multiple people who were great life mentors
  • What advice would you offer to fellow students when applying for internships?
    • I would advise fellow students to put 100% effort and engagement into whatever they choose to pursue or are doing during their summers. Any internship will offer a great experience of how the real-world works, and it will ultimately make you feel like you can accomplish great things in the future. Being yourself and creating an authentic human connection with your company will allow for many opportunities to be sent your way.

As we can see, Braden’s experience really helped set his professional path for the future. Being authentic and utilizing skills learned, on and off the field, throughout his time at Denison made his internship experience that much more impactful. Braden has set a great example for fellow Denison students to follow and flourish during their summer internship experience.

By Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Peer Career Fellow: Marketing, Sales and Communication