The Journey Program

Are you unclear about what career path(s) might be of interest to you? Not sure how to even start figuring it out? Then The Journey Program is for you! The Journey Program will help you become intentional about your life and utilize your time at Denison in the most powerful way possible. You will spend time reflecting on what fulfills you, determine how to be successful, and craft a detailed plan for the rest of your time at Denison. You will be able to progress from being uncertain about potential career options to developing a career exploration plan and creating key materials to support your journey.

During the Journey Program, you will:

  • Engage in an immersive career exploration experience starting by reflecting deeply on core elements of who you are
  • Identify a career thesis
  • Learn how to obtain the information you need in order to make career planning decisions
  • Develop a career planning roadmap for your remaining Denison experience and know-how to implement your roadmap and how to adjust when necessary
  • Complete/update your resume, a draft cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile

The Journey Program is offered at multiple times throughout the year.  Please check back and watch your email for upcoming opportunities.  If you would like to learn more about the Journey Program and express interest in an upcoming opportunity, contact Michele Doran.