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Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate (AZ-801) Cert Prep: 4 Migrate Servers and Workloads

Becoming a certified Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate is crucial for advancing your career, helping you land a new role, and developing your skill set for managing your organization’s hybrid infrastructure. In this course, Charbel Nemnom takes you through the portion of the Microsoft AZ-801 exam that tests your ability to migrate servers and workloads. Charbel shows you how to migrate on-premises storage to on-premises servers or Azure, migrate on-premises servers to Azure, migrate workloads to Windows Server 2022, migrate IIS workloads to Azure, and upgrade previous versions of Active Directory Domain Services to Windows Server 2022.

Even if you don’t plan on taking the AZ-801 exam, having an effective migration plan in place will help you migrate your workloads seamlessly from previous versions of Windows Servers, whether the application is running on-premises or in Azure. Join Charbel in this course to learn how.

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