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Visual Studio 2022: First Look

Visual Studio from Microsoft is a powerful, comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that you can use to develop computer programs and build websites, web apps, web services, and mobile apps. In this course, Walt Ritscher explores the latest updates and new features. Walt introduces you to IntelliCode, a new IntelliSense feature that can suggest complete lines of code based on your code context. He steps through how to use Hot Reload in .NET to modify your app-managed source code while the application is running. Walt shows you several new features in the debugger, then highlights how to commit changes to multiple repositories, across multiple Git branches. Walt walks you through UI improvements and colorized editor tabs, as well as new features in the C# editor and XAML. Plus, he covers new project templates, the redesigned Project Properties dialog, and the benefits of making Visual Studio a 64-bit application.

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