Marketing, Sales and Communications

Virtual Training for Sales Trainers and Coaches

While in-person sessions were once the predominant method for sales trainings, finding ways to effectively train sales teams in a world that’s moved toward virtual and hybrid work environments is vital to any company’s success. In this course, Shari Levitin shows you that you don’t need to be in the same room to effectively train your teams, and the energy, passion, and commitment you put into your training process can be duplicated by your sellers. Shari details her four pillars of sales training—education, entertainment, facilitation, and coaching—to show you how to adapt and modernize your training methodologies to ensure success. She teaches you to use new, simple technologies to enhance learning; foster connections across the digital divide; leverage different media like video, peer reviews, games, and contests; and create individualized virtual coaching meetings that propel each team member towards their desired goals.

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