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UX Research: Overcoming Data Anxiety

Confident business decisions require data. But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed during the analysis phase of your research. What data is best to use? How do you you make sense of it? How do you find the best patterns? Join best-selling author and UX and market research expert Sarah Weise to discover strategies for overcoming data anxiety and conducting better analysis in your research. Explore the key distinctions between good and bad research so you can avoid common mistakes and analytic errors. Learn to identify the needs of your data sets and select the right tools and methods for managing them. Along the way, Sarah offers practical insights drawn from years of experience in the field and stories from real projects, helping you gain confidence in your data so you can find patterns and use them to make clear, confident decisions for your product or business. By the end of this course, you’ll also be prepared to present your research clearly and effectively through visual storytelling.

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