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Trends That Changed Full-Stack Development

Do you ever feel like the internet is changing so fast that you can’t keep track of what’s what? You’re not alone. Figuring out the big picture can be a confusing, daunting task. Join senior LinkedIn Learning instructor Ray Villalobos in this audio-only course, as he gives you an overview of the core architectures and programming trends that have changed the world of full-stack web development.

Go back to the early days of life as a developer by exploring JavaScript, Ajax, and Node.js. Get a tour of the foundational tools that forever changed web development, from runtimes, custom builds, and APIs to the rise of document stores, online databases, single-page applications, and more. Along the way, learn about the growth of virtual, serverless tools such as static site generators, React and SQL-based frameworks, and meta frameworks for storing and managing large amounts of data.

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