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Transitioning to Management for Salespeople

Transitioning from being a sales professional to managing other sales professionals involves developing a whole new set of competencies. You need to learn how to coach others, effectively communicate your expectations, and anticipate market changes so you can set up your salespeople for success. In this course, sales trainer and coach Lisa Earle McLeod explains why many salespeople find this transition difficult, and shows how to overcome the challenges that come with tackling this new role. She outlines the basics of sales management, focusing specifically on issues where new sales managers can get stuck, such as sales pipeline management, sales skills coaching, helping direct reports with their accounts, and attracting and retaining talent. Lisa provides guidance on how to hold effective sales meetings and work with other departments—such as marketing, accounting, and product—who are critical to your success. She also shares how to deal with failure and grapple with a challenging market.

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