Marketing, Sales and Communications

The Traits of Successful Salespeople

What makes a salesperson great? That’s a question managers and salespeople have been asking themselves for as long as the profession has existed. It’s a question that is impossible to answer and is always changing. There are, however, certain skills and traits that only the most successful salespeople possess, regardless of experience, industry, or geography. Those skills and traits may be natural talent, or they may be learned with the right training and experience, or they can be a combination of both. Sales coaches Miles Croft and Dean Karrel have been, managed and trained salespeople, and have chosen what they deem the most important skills and traits of successful salespeople. In this course, Miles and Dean highlight those skills and traits and advise you on how you can possess and better implement those into your regular sales efforts to maximize your performance.

This course was created by Miles Croft and Dean Karrel. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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