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The Step-By-Step Guide to Sharing Your Personal Story on LinkedIn

It can be daunting to put our personal stories out there for the world to see, but when we do, we learn about ourselves and inspire others. In this course, instructor Alexandra Galviz shows you how to use the principles of storytelling to find your voice, share your story, and grow an inspiring and influential presence on LinkedIn. Alexandra walks you through finding your story’s purpose and your ideal reader. What do you want to achieve in telling your story, and who are you writing to? What key moments do you want to highlight? Next, Alexandra discusses how you can frame your story around the hero’s journey, using storyboards and selecting the best medium for sharing your story. After sharing a trio of useful storytelling techniques, she concludes with the thought that sharing your story authentically, vulnerably, and courageously takes courage and gives you an opportunity to step into your leadership and inspire others.

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