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Smartsheet Tips and Tricks

Smartsheet is a great tool for tracking projects, assigning and managing tasks, sharing documents, and basically keeping all your related project files and data organized in one location. If you’re already an experienced Smartsheet user, join Garrick Chow in this course as he shows you some power tips to help you get more from Smartsheet. (And if you’re new to Smartsheet be sure to check out Garrick’s Smartsheet Essential Training course.) Garrick starts by sharing his favorite Smartsheet time-saving tips, like working with built-in templates, autofill formulas, and hidden tricks in the Smartsheet mobile app. Next, he demonstrates tips for viewing data in Smartsheet, including working with dashboards, setting up column filters, and controlling data with column types. Finally, Garrick shows how to automate your work by setting up notifications, update requests, and automated reminders.

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