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Sketching for UX Designers

When you think of UX design, you probably think of the digital aspects. But one key skill that’s often underestimated in UX design is sketching by hand. Sketching can often reveal aspects of your ideas that will make your designs more engaging and help you explore and communicate new ideas that yield real benefits. This course with UX designer Matt Corrall is for anyone working in or simply interested in honing skills in UX design. He starts with the very basics of sketching, so you don’t need to be an experienced sketcher or have any special artistic talent. Matt guides you through his own workflow of sketching in his work, breaks down different sketching techniques, and explains why and when to use them. He also provides some design and sketching exercises so you can practice on your own. If you’re looking to unlock some new skills to broaden, inspire, and enhance your UX design projects and workflow, grab some pens and paper and join Matt in this course.

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