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Sketch for UX Design

The best UX design tools are nimble, collaborative, and efficient—just like Sketch. Learn how to use this popular, vector-based app to craft your own compelling user experiences for digital devices and screens. In this course, Shauna Bybee walks through the design process for an example mobile app, taking you step by step through each phase in the Sketch workflow. Learn how to create a wireframe to visualize your concept using the shape, text, and graphics tools; build reusable symbols; and incorporate styles and visual effects. Shauna then shows how to transform your design into a clickable prototype that can be viewed directly on a mobile device. Finally, learn how to export your assets and generate style guides and design systems to keep your products consistent and designs in sync. Along the way, Shauna introduces a variety of helpful plugins and companion software—like Sketch Measure, Zeplin, Zeroheight, and InVision—that will expand how you work and collaborate with Sketch.

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