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Python in Excel

If you work with data, you know that Excel is one of the most popular and powerful tools at your disposal. Depending on your industry or field, you may also use Python for data analysis, forecasting, running machine learning models, and more. For many people who deal with data, it’s common to use both tools in the same workflow, and moving your data between the two can be a hassle. Good news! In the new public preview of Excel, you can now use Python directly in Excel, eliminating the need to move your data between the tools. In this course, Scott Simpson explores the Python features launched in the public preview, showing you how to manage your entire data workflow directly inside an Excel worksheet. Join Scott to learn about exciting and powerful features—referencing Excel values in Python, using pandas to analyze data in an Excel worksheet, using Python plotting modules, and more—and see how you can leverage the power of Python in your Excel sheets to gain insights from your data.

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