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Privacy in the New World of Work

As countries and businesses begin to open up again, one way that leaders protect their citizens and employees is through a variety of tracking efforts. But the use of tracking technologies has created a unique set of privacy challenges that everyone—from CEOs to individual contributors—must grapple with. In this course, join Kalinda Raina, head of global privacy at LinkedIn, as she explores the privacy challenges raised by the global pandemic, as well as the steps you can take as a citizen, parent, employee, and manager to protect privacy. Learn about the ways that governments are surveilling citizens for COVID. Discover why it’s important to ensure that data you share during the pandemic doesn’t continue to be collected (and can’t be used against you in the future). Learn how to protect your customer’s privacy when working from home, as well as what you can do as a parent to teach your child privacy best practices. Plus, Kalinda provides leaders with guidance on how to make important decisions about reopening offices.

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