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Practice It: C Decisions and Loops

What makes programming different from a list of instructions? Decisions and loops. Decisions allow programs to do different things based on changing conditions. A loop expands upon this notion by allowing chunks of code to repeat based on conditions. Knowing how decisions and loops work is vital to your programming career, and in this course, Dan Gookin provides a series of C programming challenges to help you learn and practice these key areas of knowledge. The purpose of these challenges is not simply to solve the given puzzle, but to explore alternative ways to accomplish the same task—to modify the code and discover through trial and error how things work. Rather than just repeating rote exercises, the goal is to gain insight into the computing process and motivate you to explore further and expand your knowledge through experience. If you’re a C programmer looking for a deeper understanding of these important, core concepts, join Dan in this course.

This course is integrated with GitHub Codespaces, an instant cloud developer environment that offers all the functionality of your favorite IDE without the need for any local machine setup. With GitHub Codespaces, you can get hands-on practice from any machine, at any time—all while using a tool that you’ll likely encounter in the workplace.

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