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Making Video 3: Sell Yourself

Making Video: Sell Yourself is a project-based course for non-video people who want to make short videos to promote themselves. Staff author caters to those who need to make a video with minimal preexisting knowledge, limited resources, and little to no budget. The course is presented in a workshop style where Ashley teaches a real-world professional (an executive coach) how to make a video for her website. Like the rest of the Making Video series, this course focuses on teaching video production using a smartphone as the primary camera, and a limited amount of additional production equipment. The focus will be on (a) planning a video project with an eye for success, (b) shooting the best possible videos using very basic equipment, and (c) editing those videos with intention and finesse using free browser-based editing software. Following the same steps, you should be able to create engaging self-promotional videos.

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